The most important thing right now is that Black people must come together The fire start and dem can't stop it.

Bob Marley, 1978

If man will only realize that it is unmanly to obey laws that are unjust, no man's tyranny will enslave him.

Mahatma Chandi

We have continually been reminded of the greatness of European civilization and its achievement, even when the achievements have been earned at a painful cost to our people.

Kwame Mtcwa, 1979

African Liberation would contribute to world peace, as there can be no peace if Africa is not free.

Stokely Carmichael, 1977 A.K.A. Kwame Ture

Is mo time for dem racist empire. We go lick dem till dey surrenda any day now. So beat dem drum, call shango come. We go blast apartheid to kingdom come, any day now.

Network/Bro. Resistance, 1978

I'm trying to get across the fact that you are not a minor-ity people and that properly looked at you are the third if not the second largest ethnic group on the face of the earth. And the most expensive piece of geography on the face of the earth is yours and I mean all of it.

John Henrik Clarke, 1974

Only a fool would give up a continent for an Island.

Ras Ahkell, 1980

The tide which is sweeping Africa today cannot be stayed. No power on earth is great enough to halt or reverse the trend ... Its march is as relentless and inexorable as the passage of time.

H.I.M. Haile Sellassie, 1963

I say any society that provides for the few and causes the many to suffer is an evil society and must be destroyed.

Makandal Daaga, 1978

The children of Africa are citizens among various nations in all continents, we would remind them wherever they be that arduous toil, strenuous devotion and untiring zeal in their glorious cause is expected of them.

Marcus Garvey, 1929

Rastafari is a positive way of Life. It is being able to see God through your own eyes, to be independent, self-reliant and to do for self This is what Rastafari is all about. It is more than a religion, it is a way of Life.

Sekou Tafari

taken from Afrique News Magazine, Nov.1994

Ras Ahkell pictured above